Fresh Film Festivals

Go on, admit it, you have always wanted to visit The Cannes Film Festival, Sundance or the Venice International Film Festival, but you have not had the opportunity, the budget or the support of your pals to make your dream a reality. Whilst we creative types are a fairly resilient lot, even the best of us dislike turning up to someone's party when you don't know a soul, so when it comes to events on a global scale, why not attend as part of the Fresh Adventures Group.


We'll take you as part of a select group of likeminded individuals, provide you with the chance to connect in advance so you can establish a rapport with your fellow Adventurers, and we'll ensure that the schedule makes the most of your experience at the Festival. The best parties, the best hotels, the best opportunities.


The other advantages to travelling as part of a group is that it's less expensive, less hassle with transfers and travel arrangements and you can simply relax and enjoy the experience.


We're working on different schedules at present, but if you have a dream destination in mind, simply let us know and we will do what we can to deliver - ours is a huge industry so it's just a question of connecting the dots, or in our case, your fellow Adventurers...