Fresh Forward at Futurizz

The future of Digital is Futurizz, which is held in Madrid each year. It attracts over 10,000 visitors and has over 180 different brands coming together to look at the future of digital advertising, Our Fresh Adventure to Madrid will combine this amazing expo with a magical and carefully thought out programme to inspire, engage and completely efresh your thinking about Digital Advertising. The next event is April 2017 so look out for details of this Adventure coming soon.

Art Direction in Amsterdam

We love this fantastic hotel in the heart of Amsterdam and we have a great programme which we are pricing up for all you amazing Art Directors. We also have a couple of key locals on hand to spill the beans about the approach to European Creativity as well as one or two surprises. Okay, okay, if you are a copywriter you can come along too...


Media Mayhem in Mykonos

This long weekend in Mykonos is ideal for anyone from the Creative Sector, but perfect for any Media Bods. As its a four hour flight to this lovely location, this is a four day Fresh Adventure but it will be well worth the trip we promise. From the hotel to the educational excursions we have in place, Mykonos will be bang on the money.




Let's Do Digital Denmark

Mobile internet advertising in Denmark has experienced one of the strongest growths in the last couple of years and is right up there with the UK & Norway in terms of an increasing appetite for digital media activity. So, let's go Danish and find out what they are doing differently, and what tactics we can adopt back here in the UK. It's our intention to get a couple of experts on hand to take a close look at the Digital Market in Denmark, and to combine this with some truly amazing experiences along the way for our Fresh Adventurers. We look this campaign for Coca Cola (please forgive us for pinching the photo) so lets find out what works and what doesn;t in marvellous Denmark.


Printing Editing & Graphic Design in Peru

Yes we know its a long way to go, but Grafinca which is held in Lima each year is a fascinating expo and what better way to explore this country than with a trip that combines an industry experience with an engaging programme. We're looking at options for this trip and hope to be able to price it so that partners and pals can come along too. We've missed the 2016 boat a bit, so this is for September 2017 so plenty of time to save up those pennies or in this case, Peruvian Nuevo Sol!

Espionage in Estoril

Portugal is a popular destination we know and just outside Lisbon is a bit of an undisovered gem, Estoril. At the Estoril Palace Hotel, Ian Fleming penned Casino Royal so think speed boat transfers (yes, really!), exclusive Casino access and the insight into the brand management of one of the worlds largest online gaming company. We might even let you nip off for a sneaky bit of sunbathing if you ask very nicely!


Posters & Graphic Design in Chaumont

The 27th edition of the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont takes place each Spring in Chaumont and is the perfect Fresh Adventure for Graphic Designers looking for a little inspiration. This incredible event in the heart of the Champagne region offers a great experience and we'll combine it with one or two unique little add ons too, so you can be assured this will be a weekend that will really fizz!


Publishing & Posters in Poland

Reklama 360 is the largest Trade Show in Poland for the Advertising, Design & Market Industry. This three day event has a truly international feel and showcases products, looks at future visions and is a really amazing opportunity to embrace a new perspective on traditional approaches to posters, print and publishing. We'll be combining a visit to this exceptional event with some inspirational experiences in and around the beautiful city of Poznan (and we might even find time for a little vodka along the way!)


& Then there was Fresh

The US DMA holds its annual & Then event each year as the leaders of the marketing community explore the science of creativity. This sounds like the perfect excuse to pop over to LA, engage with the Direct Marketing community in the states and see how their approach differs. This is a long term Fresh Adventure and we are looking at October 2017, so plenty of time to start planning ahead peeps!

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Future Fresh Adventures

Coming Very Soon!

There is a big wide world out there ready for us to explore and we want to help you to make the most of it with a fantastic series of Adventures which combine unique experiences in cracking locations, with like minded people. Learn something new, look at a city from a different perspective and above all stay Fresh.  Listed below are just some of the programmes we are in the process of putting together, but if you have eve wanted to attend an industry event overseas, please just let us know and we can tailor make a programme around the event.

future fresh adventures