Why Fresh Adevntures?

As part of the Fresh Awards Brand, one of the most enjoyable aspects of running the programme has always been the judging. Bringing together a group of talented individuals from different disciplines and allowing them the freedom and platforms to express their views whilst enjoying new experiences in new and undiscovered locations has always been a real joy. A pain sometimes, but mostly a joy.... We have been everywhere from Cork to the Cotswolds and Stratford to Skeggy, yet Amsterdam was the biggest draw yet.

Friendships have been formed, employment opportunities discussed and connections that would never have been made, created and this is the inspiration behind Fresh Adventures.

Each of the small, exclusive and tailor made programmes are designed to connect communications professionals and provide them with an opportunity to enjoy some amazing and otherwise restricted experiences globally with likeminded individuals.

We've tried to keep the costs relative for each excursion and limited the numbers to ensure that each and everyone of the individuals who chooses to enjoy a Fresh Adventure comes away inspired, educated and connected in a truly fresh way.

Additionally, as Fresh has always been run alongside Cloud 9 Event Management which specialises in events and venue finding for clients, as well as travel programmes for key clients, you can be assured that you will be thoroughly looked after, as well as having the benefit of our industry knowledge on both counts.

We can also tailor make programmes to suit your individual needs or cater for agencies or organisations that wish to create a specific programme for their employees so why not embark on a Fresh Adventure of your own?

Paula Kelsey Fresh Founder

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Meet Your Creative Heroes

We all have our creative heroes, those we'd like to meet and maybe, just maybe impress. One of the objectives with Fresh Adventures is to get your heroes actively involved in an adventure and provide you with the opportunity to join them - take your meeting out of another boring lecture theatre and make it one that is memorable for all of the right reasons.

Time is a very precious commodity so it's vitally important that we spend it well, and with the people that matter most to us. They say you should never meet your heroes. Fresh Adventures says yah boo sucks to that. So tell us who are your heroes and what are your aspirations?

Whether you want to work on a specific brand, be a world class screenplay writer or you are simply looking to expand your creative contacts, Fresh Adventures brings unrivalled opportunities in unique and unusual settings. There is a big wide world out there so what are you waiting for?